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Industrial plugs and sockets

Red Dot design award 2017 for Easy & Safe

The new Easy & Safe range of industrial plugs and sockets was awarded by Red Dot in the category Product Design 2017

Red Dot Award is the internationally organized competition which appraises the best products of the year. Manufacturers and designers from all over the world can submit originals of their latest products which are tested, discussed and evaluated individually by an independent and international jury. Besides the design the jury assess also innovation, formal quality, functionality, ergonomics, durability, intuitive nature and ecological compatibility, etc.

This year, Red Dot received submissions from 54 countries. ABB has every reason to be proud of the award and come out on the top in comparison with the best in the industry.

Awarded ABB industrial plug and connector represent The Easy & Safe group products. The whole range got a new attractive and functional design and some technical improvements in 2016. Furthermore these industrial plugs and sockets have got IP67 classification which guarantees water and dust tightness of electrical contacts. It brings reliability, reduces downtime and lowers maintenance costs. The contact parts of connectors are precisely manufactured from solid brass. The innovative design ensures contacts self-clean during connection and disconnection and keeps the contact area free from arcing.

IP67 Easy & Safe industrial plugs and sockets are an excellent choice for most applications where liquid or dirt can occur and where the requirements for reliability and safety are high.

The idea behind the design is to put the brand of ABB and what it stands for in the front seat. The colour dark grey that enrich this modern and robust design, was chosen with care for the product's everyday use as well as applications and clearly indicate what ABB's Industrial plugs and sockets is all about, delivering safe power in every condition.

Now, the same design is used for the whole range Easy & Safe, it means for IP44 and IP67 basic assortment.