Where modularity leads to simplicity

People’s safety is paramount in any commercial environment including; schools, offices, and retail. With its ease of installation and maintenance capabilities the ABB Movion® emergency lighting range offers versatility, saving time and ensuring a high safety standard.

Combining modularity and ease of installation the escape route signalisation luminaire can be used for either wall or ceiling applications, with 500cd/m2. This is a perfect match with the well-designed escape route lighting luminaires with excellent spacing. Both are suitable for light track mounting.

Furthermore, for installations where there is a need to reduce the numbers, selecting the all-in one hybrid luminaire is an efficient and cost-reductive solution.

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  • One escape route signalisation version available for wall or ceiling mount
  • Recessed and surface escape route lighting with distinct lighting distribution
  • Unique, all-in-one hybrid emergency lighting luminaire combining escape route signalisation and lighting
  • Several smart features, such as the loop-in, loop-out system and quick battery replacement, resulting in minimal installation and maintenance time
  • Light track mounting options

Product range overview

Escape route signalisation


Hybrid emergency lighting


Escape route signalization


Escape route signalization


Main benefits

Modular luminaires with multiple mounting options for greater versatility in commercial applications


  • One escape route signalisation version for ceiling and wall applications thanks to its flexible 90° changeable mounting base
  • Surface and recessed escape route lighting mounting options fitting any ceiling type
  • The hybrid luminaire is suitable for a range of applications including recessed, surface, wall and ceiling mounted
  • Flexible installations to any type of track adapter possible using a 3C interface

Smart features and options lead to ease of planning, installation and maintenance 


  • The Movion® hybrid's all-in-one capability helps reduce the number of luminaires required in any project.
  • Parallel wiring connections possible with the loop-in, loop-out system
  • Quick-lock assembly facilitates simple change of battery

Excellent lighting distribution and visibility offered to ensure a safe escape


  • Unique frameless legend design with 500cd/m2 distribution at 22 meters viewing distance
  • Excellent spacing performances with 18m at 3m ceiling height for escape routes and 10 by 10m at 3m ceiling height in open areas
  • Flexible adaption of the hybrid luminaire lenses depending on your illumination needs:
    • one lux for escape route lighting
    • five lux for safety equipment


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