Commissioning, testing & maintenance

Emergi-Lite's experienced and trained engineers provide a highly skilled support service for commissioning, testing and maintaining installed systems. Covering emergency lighting, central power supply systems, fire detection and alarm systems.


All project quotations for fire detection and alarm systems, will include a section for commissioning as part of the package. BS 5839 -1:2002 Section 5 recommends that a fire alarm installation should be fully commissioned to ensure satisfactory operation.

As the manufacturer’s commissioning team, we provide an in-depth knowledge of the product and a wide experience of its applications that would ensure compliance with the code, together with a service that is both cost effective and reliable.

Remote monitoring of installed fire detection & alarm systems – Redcare or standard digicom

Emergi-Lite provides a particular service in relation to Remote Monitoring including:

  • Supply of the monitoring equipment
  • Offer set-up and a 12-month monitoring service via an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)
  • Installation and commissioning
  • We do not supply, install or maintain the Telecoms line since this is the responsibility of others

Maintenance, refurbishment & equipment assessment

We are pleased to offer term maintenance contracts for:

  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Central Battery Systems

Further, we offer expertise in the assessment with report on the condition of existing fire detection or central battery equipment installations. After reporting we will be able to make recommendations for maintenance and testing, repair, upgrade or a replacement programme.

Emergency lighting with testing systems

If you have a need to upgrade a standard system or need assistance with a testing system call us, we have a range of products to suit different needs. The commissioning of emergency lighting systems is carried out to BS 5266 part 1 as standard.


Our service engineers are fully trained both internally and externally, including by BFPSA. Individuals are certified for site working (health & safety) under the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme.

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