Emergency lighting conversion service

With Emergi-Lite you can be sure that a luminaire converted for emergency lighting use is safe, fit for purpose and legal to use.

ICEL 1004

The ICEL 1004 industry scheme provides detailed guidance on what is required to ensure a legally compliant emergency lighting conversion. This requires specialist organisations that have invested in suitable staff and equipment to carry out conversions to this requirement.

Conversions carried out by organisations without specialist knowledge, procedures and equipment may not comply with legal directives and will certainly not carry sufficient warranties. ICEL 1004 requirements include:

  • Factory quality system registered to ISO 9001:2000
  • Trained & experienced conversion engineers
  • A fully equipped test laboratory
  • EMC measuring equipment
  • Technical construction files for each type of tested product
  • An organisation carrying out conversion work will take on the statutory and commercial warranties

Specialised knowledge and test equipment is critical

Emergi-Lite meets all of these requirements and so you know you are placing your business safely into the hands of a company that can be trusted. The original luminaire manufacturer will almost always operate a registered ISO 9000 quality system to control the design and assembly of their light fittings. When these fittings are sold, the manufacturer carries a legal obligation to ensure that the product complies with all the appropriate directives such as Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and the Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive.

The application of a CE mark is a declaration of compliance. Installing emergency lighting equipment can result in contravention of these laws on several counts.

Performance of the modified luminaire

The modified luminaire must continue to comply with the safety requirements of EN 60598. To ensure this compliance the converted luminaire must be tested to assess thermal endurance, component temperatures, F-mark compliance, protection against electric shock and electrical strength. It is by no means a simple job to fit electronics and temperature sensitive batteries into luminaires not designed for that purpose and yet still comply with the EMC & LVD directives.

Make life easy with the 'pick & drop' service

When you order, why don't you find out if our Pick up and Drop Service is available in your area? We will pick up your lighting products to be converted, ensure all work is completed to your requirements and then deliver them back to your door! What could be more simple?

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