Scheme planning

With every emergency lighting project, there is a clear and important need for effective planning and preparation. Products need to be assessed, customer requirements defined, building regulations respected and design drawings prepared. With project time-lines tight and budgets constrained, choosing the right partner for emergency lighting system design is imperative. By choosing Emergi-Lite, you’ll be making the right start.

Emergi-Lite works at the heart of this complex process, assisting designers, specifiers, and final customers with all manner of emergency lighting need. Emergi-Lite delivers solutions that work across the spectrum of emergency lighting systems, and impact at all points of the emergency lighting life-cycle. Our products and services are specifically designed to provide the most effective protection and safety, in line with customer needs, relevant standards and industry regulations. These solutions start at the planning stage for emergency lighting systems, with advice on product selection and system requirements, through to delivery of certified technical drawings.

Project consultation

When designing emergency lighting systems, it is important to have the most complete and accurate information available, and the best possible advice on regulations, standards and safety requirements. This catalogue makes for a great starting point when considering emergency lighting, but is only a small part of our service. That's why you should call us, and count on us to help with your emergency lighting planning.

We offer expert assistance in emergency lighting scheme design, and clear, concise advice on product selection. Our sales managers are able to assist you at your premises, and arrange for emergency lighting schemes to be prepared at our design office in Leeds.

Certified technical design

Central to emergency lighting is the technical design drawing. It defines luminaire positioning and spacing, drives the installation effort and provides the key control for commissioning and approval. Our technical design team is on hand to prepare drawings for all types of emergency lighting system, to the latest relevant standards. Not only can drawings be prepared, but we also offer certification of all emergency lighting systems installed to our drawings, for added confidence and peace of mind.

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