Total life cycle management

The Emergi-Lite concept is clear and simple. Providing you a reliable, total solution for safe evacuation. The way in which we do this is what makes the difference. We offer advantages to everybody involved throughout the life-cycle process. That way, you know that Emergi-Lite is always the right choice, for both you and our customers.

Advice and information during the design phase

Each phase requires different input from us. In the design phase, it is important for you to have all the information. If desired, we can provide you with that in the form of specific project advice, based on the most recent regulations, standards and safety requirements. Emergi-Lite always offers you the necessary information in the most compact form, so that you quickly have an overview of all the available information. For example, you can use this brochure to put your product together in three simple steps. It is up to you whether to go for digital information via deep links on your wholesale website or whether to use a hard copy of the Quick Guide. We offer you both options.

Speed and materials during the installation phase

Speed and timing are essential during the installation phase, because the easy-to-install materials must be at the construction site at the right time. That is why luminaires such as Serenga, Horizon and Aqualux are always in stock. If you perform the installation yourself, clear assembly instructions, packaging instructions and a modular system give you a head start. For example, with our quick-assembly modules, you do not have to climb a stepladder so often. Emergi-Lite offers you practical solutions to give you an immediate advantage, which only makes everything so much easier for you.

Support during the exploitation phase

During the exploitation phase, we can document your emergency lighting installation and make sure it is up to date. That way, you guarantee optimal safety at minimum exploitation costs, thanks to low energy consumption and easy-to-replace parts and, if necessary, the people who are working, shopping, relaxing or sleeping in the building can quickly and safely find their way out.

Altering and separating during the renovation phase

The new generation of Emergi-Lite products is ready for the renovation phase. We go further than the normal use of durable, environmentally-friendly, recyclable materials. The products are easy to disassemble and easy to dispose of separately in the legally required return and recycling flows. It is also easy to alter the new generation of luminaires using the individual modules.

Renewal and refurbishment completes the emergency lighting life-cycle. Inevitably, all emergency lighting systems require renewal, as new products develop, standards change, and the ongoing cost of maintaining the current system becomes excessive.

At this point our products and services continue to play a major part. In addition to keeping you up-to-date with new industry developments, our sales and technical teams are happy to review existing plans and specifications to advise on new and better products options

Emergency lighting commissioning

Emergency lighting systems must be commissioned following installation, prior to use.

Emergi-Lite can provide advice and assistance for commissioning self-contained emergency lighting systems.
Furthermore, our services team provides a commissioning service for our central addressable testing and central power supply systems, to ensure the installation meets with the necessary approvals.

Product development

Emergi-Lite products are designed with the future in mind.
Our focus on new product development ensures we're always in a strong position to deliver new innovations into the emergency lighting marketplace.

Our products are manufactured using sustainable environmentally friendly materials and many now benefit from modular construction and LED technology, promoting longer lifetimes and lower recycling demand.

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