Battens Nexus®

The Stanilite® range of emergency battens provide the perfect solution for carparks, factories, warehouse and large commercial situations where you need the peace of mind that only a Stanilite emergency batten can provide.

Available in a standard batten, weatherproof and vandal proof models as well as non-emergency variants, this provides our clients uniformity across their installations. The Stanilite battens come with an optional microwave motion detect feature, fully customisable it enables enhanced functionality to our clients including time delay and light harvesting. Stanilite continues to innovate using cutting edge technology and latest light sources to provide the highest lumen efficacy products for the Australian and New Zealand market.

The Stanilite product ranges are clearly segmented into specific categories for ease of product selection so our clients are able to choose the right product at the right price for each of their applications.

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