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Maintenance advice

VanLien supplies high-quality products. However, damage, the effects of the environment or ageing means that components have to be replaced. If components are replaced on time the reliability of the luminaires and building safety will remain guaranteed. You can find advice and practical background information below. Click here to download the information as a PDF file. VanLien: superiority in safety.

Light sources
Why replace fluorescent tubes in a timely manner?

  • To maintain the light output of 1 lux in the event of a power failure. Old or damaged tubes have low or even no light output.
  • Higher currents can occur, as a result of which the electronic circuit boards age more quickly or even become defective.

What does the lifespan of fluorescent tubes depend on?

  • Make, colour and specification of the light sources.
  • Length of time switched on (fluorescent tubes burn continuously or only during a test or power failure).
  • The frequency with which the fluorescent tubes are switched to emergency operation.

Advice for fluorescent tubes:

  • Fluorescent tubes have an expected lamp life of at least 8000 hours. For continuously burning light sources VanLien recommends that they are replaced annually, and every two years for those that are not in continuous use.
  • Choose colour numbers 830 or 840. These tubes are generally of better quality.
  • We of course have to replace faulty fluorescent tubes immediately. After all, the emergency light fitting is unable to function correctly during a power failure if the fluorescent tube is defective.

Why replace battery sets in a timely manner?

  • To maintain the light output of 1 lux during a power failure.
  • To achieve the prescribed life of 1 or 3 hours (depending on the type of luminaire).
  • Because defective batteries can cause higher currents as a result of which the circuit boards age more quickly or even become defective.

What does the lifespan of battery sets depend on?

  • The make and technical specifications of the battery sets.
  • The frequency with which and the duration during which the luminaires are switched to emergency operation.
  • An excessively high or low ambient temperature impacts lifespan.
  • That is why VanLien has developed FR (freezer) and LS (light sensor) luminaires suitable for ambient temperatures of between 5°C and -25°C.
  • Maintenance of the complete emergency lighting fitting.

When do batteries need to be replaced?

  • If you do not discharge the batteries completely each year you need to replace them preventively every three years. If you do discharge the batteries every year (as with ZT luminaires) you should replace them preventively every four years.
  • Faulty batteries must be replaced immediately. After all, the emergency lighting fitting would not function correctly in the event of a power failure and you would be faced with all of the consequences that entails.

Using battery sets from other supplies:

  • VanLien luminaires have ENEC / KEMA Quality Marks and are tested against the emergency lighting standard NBN-EN-IEC-60598-2-22. This means that, amongst other things, the luminaires meet the most stringent requirements for: heat regulation, component ageing and flame extinguishing properties (850°C).
  • VanLien offers a 4-year warranty on batteries for self-testing luminaires. If batteries from other suppliers are used the warranty on the battery and on the luminaire as well will be cancelled. Usually batteries have the same sizes and capacities. However, this says nothing about the other battery specifications. For example, temperature resistance, number of charging and discharging cycles, battery dimensions and connection terminals can be different. In practice, these batteries can have a considerably shorter lifespan or even cause damage to the electronics. For more information about warranty periods VanLien refers you to the warranty terms and conditions.

Advice for battery sets:

  • Choose battery sets that comply with the high requirements and specifications set by VanLien.
  • Maintain them regularly. Discharge batteries in the luminaires at least once a year by switching the luminaire to emergency operation mode (for a minimum of one or three hours depending on the type). Luminaires that are fitted with a VanLien SelfTest (ZT) discharge the batteries automatically twice a year.


  • Inspect (prism) covers and housings for damage.
  • Check that pictogram stickers and pictogram signs still comply with current standards and regulations.
  • Clean luminaires at least once a year in order to maintain the correct lighting level.
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