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The new generation of VanLien products are prepared for the renovation phase, for which VanLien goes beyond the normal use of sustainable, environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. VanLien products are easy to dismantle and to separate in the legally prescribed return and recycle phase. The new generation of luminaires is also easy to modify by using the available renovation modules. 

VanLien renovation modules
Existing Optilux and Aqualux escape route signs can be fitted with LED technology very quickly using the LED renovation modules. These “replacement modules” are fitted directly onto the base, so you can utilise the existing mounting whilst at the same time upgrading the internal workings to LED technology. This saves on installation time and also saves your ceiling or wall. You will also be impressed by the earn-back time: you will earn back your investment within just a single day.

In addition to the Optilux and Aqualux luminaires, you can also easily renovate the commonly used ITA and DIB luminaires. By utilising the relevant Serenga flush-mounting adapter you can easily replace these fluorescent flush-mounted products with the Serenga LED version. Evago and Previx have also been developed for the renovation of ITA, DIB and luminaires of other manufactures. In addition to the super-fast renovation you will also benefit from the advantages of LED: low-energy and low-maintenance.