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Building Decree

The Building Decree stipulates the minimum building regulations for new to be built constructions. These regulations are stated as functional and performance-based requirements. The Building Decree stipulates general requirements related to emergency lighting, and states that the safety in the building is the responsibility of the end user. 

Netherlands Law on Working Conditions (Arbo-wet)

Within the framework of the Netherlands Law on Working Conditions (Arbo-wet), the Working Conditions Decree applies. In this decree, safety and health in workplaces is key. Resulting from this regulation, it is mandatory that the employer ensures the aforementioned. The employer's obligation includes ensuring the availability of escape routes and emergency exits. Within this framework, emergency lighting is one of the required facilities. First and foremost, the emergency lighting must ensure safe use of escape routes and emergency exits.

What stands out is that the above mentioned two decrees contradict one another with regard to responsibility. In accordance with the valid building legislation/decree, the owner is responsible for the safety within the building, including the emergency lighting system. However, the Netherlands Law on Working Conditions (Arbo-wet) states the user (employer) of the building to be the responsible party. Due to this contradiction in the legislation, it is better to question who will take the responsibility. In that case all parties will be interested.