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The SelfTest (ZT) function allows you to identify the location of a fault message and to take the correct action immediately. A ZT consists of 4 LED indicator lamps and a test button.

How does SelfTest work?
With the ZT function the luminaire regularly tests itself for correct operation. Batteries, lamps and electronics are tested once per week (functional test). A lamp life test is performed automatically twice per year.

Result display via LEDs
If the luminaire is working correctly the green LED indicator lamp lights up continuously to show that the power is present and the batteries are being charged. If the luminaire signals a fault one of the amber-coloured LED indicator lamps starts to flash. You can see at a glance where you need to trace the fault. After the maintenance work has been completed you use the test button to reset the luminaire.

Working in collaboration with the fire brigade, the Dutch Association of Emergency Lighting Manufacturers (NVFN) has developed a functional standard for the SelfTest. This standard specifies checks, functions and test moments and requires a uniform method of displaying error messages. The VanLien SelfTest complies with the above criteria.


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