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VanLien Service

You would like to increase the operational reliability of your emergency lighting, yet simultaneously lower your service costs?

VanLien offers support during all project phases. Our services include the following:

  1. Design phase: focuses on project consultancy, training and escape route projections
  2. Installation phase: advice on central system commissioning and installation
  3. Operating phase: inspection and maintenance contracts, and Naveo workflow software for your tablet
  4. Renovation: targeted project advice related to extension or conversion with specific renovation solutions

How secure is your building?

A smooth operating emergency lighting system is essential. This is why maintenance works on an existing or new emergency lighting system require a responsible starting point.  This is why VanLien Noodverlichting - as a specialist - offers a range of Safety Services.

When using our services, you will be outsourcing - fully or partially - the inspection and/or maintenance works to the top quality manufacturer Van Lien. Apart from the fact that this will keep the service well-organized, it will also be reliable.

The modular services provided by VanLien can be contracted independently. We refer to this as a modular service. As such you will only be invoiced for the inspection or maintenance you actually require. VanLien offers an extensive package of services for each construction phase: as from design, execution, and operation up to renovation. We make a distinction between existing and new buildings.