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Projects and advice

The basics for an optimal and safe implementation of a building are ensured during the project's design phase. Each project is different, meaning the implementation is different as well. VanLien would be happy to assist you with a bespoke projection and a targeted project advice.

VanLien has been a specialist in lighting solutions for safe evacuation for 60 years. We are excellently equipped to know the many aspects involved in selecting the fitting emergency lighting solution. Emergency lighting must light up the project and the building, but should also meet the demands and requirements of the parties involved. Think of: principal, architect, technical advisor / office, owner / user, wholesale and installer. Apart from that we are challenged by the existing legal and environmental requirements, and we need to consider the implementation of inspection and maintenance in advance.
It is our aim to - in collaboration with you - make all these aspects transparent, comprehensible and concrete, in order to arrive at the correct decision. In this trajectory we believe in a personal approach to advise you on the correct progress of a project. Our Technical Advisors would be pleased to visit you to discuss the project and program, and to select suitable projects and services from our all we have to offer.

Apart from targeted project advice, creating a good projection represents the basics of formulating the correct emergency lighting plan. Emergency lighting is subject to a wide range of regulations and guidelines, in the Netherlands as well as in Europe. This could refer to NEN-EN 1838 (Lighting applications - Emergency lighting), NEN-EN ISO 7010 Graphical symbols - Safety colors and safety signs - Registered safety signs), and NEN-EN 50172 (Emergency escape lighting systems).
VanLien is able to create your projections during the design phase. Based on the aforementioned service VanLien prepares the design of the emergency lighting system in relation to the most current regulations and guidelines. As such we combine the legal framework with your preferences and environmental conditions, to ensure a safe and cost-conscious result. 

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