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The Elkay easyDALi System

Elkay’s easyDALi solution has been designed to make installation and set-up of an intelligent lighting control system simple, easy and accessible. Through its ease of installation and commissioning, the need for expensive commissioning is removed, reducing project costs and other potential overheads.

Lighting use currently accounts for nearly 20% of the electricity generated in the UK. Lighting controls particularly in commercial buildings, can form a key aspect in the drive to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, whilst reducing energy spend. With the increasing energy saving requirements to cut emissions and energy bills for consumers and businesses alike, Elkay’s easyDALi system is here to meet these demands.

Elkay have achieved this by making the first range of sensors that can automatically configure DALI lighting ballasts, as well as the more commonly used broadcast mode. The system provides presence and absence detection and delivers daylight harvesting to ensure maximum energy efficiency. The Elkay easyDALi PIR is a presence, absence and daylight harvesting sensor all rolled into one. 

In a brand new ‘out of the box’ installation of new DALI luminaires and with a new Elkay easyDALi PIR, you can simply wire the lighting, the power supply and the PIR together with the multi-purpose box and simply accept the default settings of...

- Broadcast mode
- Timing
- Daylight Harvesting

…and the PIR with just a few pushes of the remote control will find and address all luminaires control gear on the network and the installation is complete.

For facility managers and commercial premises owners, Elkay’s easyDALi system now provides inexpensive control from the beginning and flexible management of the lighting plan, without the expense of commissioning and servicing engineers, at the start and during the lifetime of the installation.

The Elkay easyDALi system
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