Scalable and flexible

Easily go from one building to many. NexusPro gateway can establish a secure wireless connection with up to 200 emergency lighting units and for almost every application.

Stay compliant

The Nexus® Pro system makes compliance with Building and Life Safety Codes and other North American regulations easy by helping set up tests and maintaining devices.

Remotely monitor

Nexus® Pro is designed to enable building owners and managers to easily maintain and test emergency lighting, without the need to visually verify performance or disrupt the power supply.

Minimize your data input

After the testing, you can generate a PDF log at the click of a button. From the test data information generated you can easily plan your maintenance schedules.

Proactive alerts for the highest degree of safety

Nexus®Pro allows you to make repairs right when a malfunction occurs. You will receive a push notification on your smart device, guiding you precisely to the malfunctioning device.


  • Set up a schedule for regular inspection.

  • Plan your maintenance network without interrupting the operation of the system.

  • Setting the Nexus®Pro schedule according to the lifecycle of the parts ensures the most effective maintenance alertness, helping you make preventive repairs ahead of any malfunctions.


We work with you


ABB will work with you to ensure Nexus®Pro is successfully installed by offering complimentary site evaluations, help select products based on application, photometric calculations, bill of material, and Gateway location placements.

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