Cloud Server

Information is constantly transmitted and shared. Storing data can be tricky with physical servers, that's why cloud storage offers faster innovation and flexible resources that store your data "in the cloud". Accessed through the internet, cloud storage allows a reduction in maintenance operations and increased computing power.


Cloud server environments follow strict standards and policies made to protect data and cloud system applications. It goes through a wide range of security solution tests to ensure that a customer’s information and data are safe.

Cloud storage providers implement baseline protections for their platforms and the data they process, from authentication, access control, and encryption. Most enterprises supplement these protections with added security measures of their own to bolster cloud data protection and tighten access to sensitive information in the cloud.



Cloud computing offers your business stability and security because any software issues are isolated from your environment.

Cloud servers are stable, fast, and secure. And they avoid the hardware issues seen with on-site servers. Your business can scale up or scale down your operation and storage quickly as the cloud will adapt to your business needs.


Types of Cloud

Public cloud

A public cloud is where the provider supplies you with access to their data center infrastructure. They are responsible for all management, maintenance, security, and upgrades.

Private cloud

A private cloud is where you host on your own data center or intranet. You own, manage, update and upgrade your cloud ecosystem of server, networking, software, or platform resources. Protecting it all with your own firewall and security solutions.

Hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud is where you opt to use a mix of both public and private cloud solutions. You are responsible for managing how the two services interact, especially the security of data passing between both public and private cloud setups.

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