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Code and Compliance

To assure the safety of public facilities, code and regulation compliance ensures the functionality of emergency lighting. This is implemented by International and North American organizations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Code Council (ICC) which release editions of their code that govern public health and safety.


These organizations establish mandates in which fixtures should be tested every month and year, each fixture is maintained, defective components are replaced, and devices are code compliant.

Smart emergency lighting management solution

Test anywhere, anytime

Eliminate emergency lighting testing costs and conduct all testing remotely without having to disrupt power supply.

Simplified maintenance

Manage and monitor emergency lighting in multiple facilities from location and plan maintenance activities based on real-time unit status.

Safety and protection

Maintain maintenance logs and generate reports that comply with North American life and building safety codes.

Nexus®Pro is designed to enable building owners and managers to easily maintain and test emergency lighting, without the need to visually verify performance or disrupt the power supply.


With digital solutions, building owners now can have peace of mind knowing their buildings are safer than ever. All operations can be managed remotely, giving building owners and managers complete control wherever they are, whenever they need it most while preventing any human error in the process.


We work with you


ABB will work with you to ensure Nexus®Pro is successfully installed by offering complimentary site evaluations, help select products based on application, photometric calculations, bill of material, and Gateway location placements.

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