Frequently Asked Questions

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The NexusPro system can support 200 nodes (emergency lighting units) per gateway. There is no limit to the number of gateways that can be used in one system.

An evaluation of the building with photometric calculations must be performed to specify the number of units to accommodate the building size, customer’s needs, and applicable regulations.

The number of buildings per organization has no limit however, each building requires its own gateway.

NexusPro units are installed the same way as regular emergency lighting units. The NexusPro module is inside of the housing; no wired connection is needed for data communication/transfer.

In order to have NexusPro, all units need to be NexusPro compatible. New units would need to be purchased to include the NexusPro module.

NexusPro is not a module that can be installed on other equipment. Emergency lighting units with NexusPro compatibility can be used.

In order to have a NexusPro system, a minimum of one gateway and one unit is required. The system is flexible and can be scaled from small to large scale facilities

The general communication range from unit to unit is 130’. Depending on the complexity of the application and structural conditions of the building, and evaluation must be performed.

No. All users within an organization can see the totality of the organization.

NexusPro is a cloud-based system, meaning information about the fixture such as testing schedules, malfunctions, etc… are stored on clouds servers. The NexusPro system uses the ABB Ability Cloud Platform for its cloud servers. These server environments adhere to strict standards and rules to protect customer data.

The gateway delivers secure and encrypted wireless network communication. Encryption and authentication are applied at both the network and application layers. The contents of the data sent to and from the unit are fully encrypted to ensure true end-to-end security.

NexusPro uses a Trusted Platform Module to secure the encryption keys ensuring the gateway is not hackable.

The NexusPro system only requires a connection to the internet and the NexusPro phone app to complete the organization set-up, commissioning, and monitoring of the entire system. There is no longer a need for dedicated IP addresses, Subnet masks, etc…

The Nexus RF checklist does not apply to the NexusPro system as the entire commissioning process is done through the phone app.

The gateways are connected wirelessly via 2.4GHz or 5GHz depending on the Wi-Fi router protocol that is used. For a wired connection, the gateway can be connected using an Ethernet cable.

The gateway communicates with the Cloud server on the following ports:

  • HTTPS (443)

  • Network Time Protocol (123)

The emergency lighting units communicate using Wireless Bluetooth Mesh

Yes, the NexusPro gateway supports requirements for Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA 2.0).

No. Every device (gateway and emergency lighting unit) is independent of the network and all the needed information is provided upon commissioning. When commissioning the new gateway, your phone will provide the units with the necessary information to access the cloud. The gateway will extract the needed information and communicate directly with the emergency lighting units on that network.

There can only be one gateway per building. If you need to add more than one gateway to your site, simply create an upper-level building (at the complex level) and add sub-buildings within each of them. See example:



The SSID is the name of the network you want to connect to. NOTE: everything on the Wi-Fi setup page is case-sensitive.

The username can be left empty unless you are connecting to a corporate network where a sign-on username is required (commonly an email address or account login).

The password is simply the password to access the network or the one associated with the entered username.

There is no way to create a second organization from within the application. The way to do this is to create a new account using another email address and fill in the section to create an organization (click on Show organization) during the Sign-Up process.

The new user would need to install the NexusPro application and follow the steps to sign-up (without creating an organization) and validate the confirmation email (might be found in the junk folder).

There is no charge for the app, it is a free download from the App Store or Google Play store. There are no subscription or license fees associated with using the system.

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