Nexus®Pro is designed to enable building owners and managers to easily maintain and test emergency lighting, without the need to visually verify performance or disrupt the power supply.

With digital solutions, building owners now can have peace of mind knowing their buildings are safer than ever. All operations can be managed remotely, giving building owners and managers complete control wherever they are, whenever they need it most while preventing any human error in the process




The system can bring connected lighting to architectural, commercial, institutional, high-security, healthcare, and industrial locations.


You can simply monitor any of your building installations from anywhere at any time to suit you and concentrate your resources where they are most needed. Nexus®Pro grows with you and puts you in total control.
Bluetooth Mesh Communication
App and Web Interface
Emergency Lighting Devices



The gateway connects the emergency lighting through the Bluetooth mesh network ensuring messages are communicated through the cloud to the app.

Bluetooth Mesh Communication


Bluetooth 5 allows devices to communicate wirelessly and broadcast data from one unit to another. Bluetooth 5 quadruples the wireless range, doubles speed, and increases the bandwidth to allow for broadcasting to multiple wireless devices at once. 

Nexus®Pro App and Web Interface


The NexusPro system is accessible for the user through an iOS or Android app installed on a smart device – for example, a smartphone or tablet. This app is used for commissioning, monitoring, testing, and management NexusPro also has a web interface that can be accessed via computer or laptop. 

Emergency lighting devices


Nexus®Pro is compatible with various emergency lighting devices. Based on the type of environment, you can select the right device for your application. Each device is equipped to act as a node in the Bluetooth mesh network.

We work with you


ABB will work with you to ensure Nexus®Pro is successfully installed by offering complimentary site evaluations, help select products based on application, photometric calculations, bill of material, and Gateway location placements.

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