Device Type Manager for UMC

ABB Asset Vision Basic as FDT frame application, together with the DTM (Device Type Manager) are comprehensive tools for straightforward parameter assignment and programming of the UMC100 as well as all devices equipped with DTM. It enables creation of configurations, up/downloading, reading out of diagnostic data, and - if configured - even control of the UMC100 - either centrally via the control system, via the fieldbus or directly on-site at the switching cabinet. The clear interface facilitates simple configuration of all parameters and error texts required for the control station. In doing so, the graphical display supports you with prompts and by checking the data.

Main features

  • All required software is on one single CD
  • Application editor is also included
  • Software works on WIN XP, WIN7 32 / 64 bit

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For special applications, it is possible to create an optimally adapted control function with the help of the editor integrated into the DTM. A comprehensive library of function blocks is available to you for this purpose. It is possible to access all of the existing variables in the UMC100 and the expansion
modules. Comments can be inserted arbitrarily.
All of the control functions integrated into the UMC100 are available as templates and can be easily adapted to requirements. It is possible to create your own library of special control functions by means of importing / exporting these templates.

The PBDTM CD contains all required device drivers and the Asset Vision Basic frame application.

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