ABB provide experience, expertise and leading edge electrical products for hazardous area apps

June 3, 2016 - At ABB we have an unrivalled reputation for providing leading edge electrical products, services and solutions for hazardous area applications. Coupled with our renowned experience and expertise, we are the global go-to provider for a diverse range of industries and sectors.

With the increasing need for businesses to find a single source solution that can be applied to their many interests around the globe, ABB solutions can be found in hazardous area environments throughout the world.

Take the global oil and gas industry. This demanding and often dangerous working environment places an extremely high priority on personnel and equipment safety. With the ever pervading risk of explosion, it is vital that the electrical products employed in these hazardous area are both reliable and proven safe. The onshore and offshore oil and gas sector demand the highest quality and dependability for electrical products employed at their upstream, midstream and downstream facilities. ABB Hazardous Area Products provide this assurance.

From explosion proof lighting; premium grade flexible conduits to fittings and glands, ABB provide these and more to many of the world’s largest oil and gas businesses.

The same is true of many global players in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, as well as power generation and mining. Wherever there is the risk of explosion in natural or man-made hazardous areas, it’s very likely you will find our unrivalled range of electrical products. With the threat of explosion through the build-up of gases or dusts, our flexible conduits and fittings meet the world’s highest standards, approvals and accreditations for hazardous area product regulation.

ABB Hazardous Area Products meet – and often exceed – the requirements of ATEX, IECEx, UL/CSA, EACEx, PCEC, and INMETRO standards, ensuring that our products can be used with confidence in all of the world’s differently regulated hazardous areas. Knowing that a product can be used just as reliably in North America as it can in Asia means that purchasing decisions become not only easier but offer the promise of substantial cost saving benefits.

You can learn more about how ABB Hazardous Area Products contribute to a safer, more reliable working environment – while enhancing your business’ success – now. Contact the ABB Hazardous Area Products team to discover the benefits offer. Our experienced, expert team will be happy to introduce you to our unrivalled range of electrical products, services, solutions and experience, providing you the opportunity of ensuring your business employs the very highest level of safety, security and reliability that hazardous area applications demand.

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