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Introducing the new ABB Hazardous Area XLF LED floodlight

January 14, 2016 - With a long history of providing innovative, sector leading lighting and emergency lighting solutions for hazardous area applications, ABB are continuously striving to provide their customers with ever superior products, raising specifications and standards higher to meet their needs and expectations. Our latest offering: the XLF LED floodlight.

Available in both wide and narrow beam versions, the XLF LED floodlight series delivers 7800 lumens of visible light from either the narrow or wide beam with extended life span (50,000 hours) as well as a host of other essential characteristics, including a strong, durable marine-grade aluminium alloy body, and toughened, borosilicate glass for use in harsh environments.

There can be no doubt that the XLF LED floodlight is built to both last and thrive in hazardous areas, such as off-shore drilling platforms, and environments where the possibility of explosion is a serious consideration.

Equipped with a set of LED modules with an integrated diffuser, the XLF generates significantly more visible light with improved photometric data than the Sodium existing solution.

Cost effective with 73lumen/watt and a superior photometric footprint, the new XLF floodlight is definitely a great alternative to other sources and innovates within the ATEX Offshore/Harsh Environment Atmospheres.

Reliability and dependability are vital cornerstones of the whole ABB LED lighting solutions for hazardous areas. This is why the XLF LED floodlight series combines instant start up illumination and restrike, allowing immediate to fire-up, with optimum performance either outdoors or indoors. Like any other lighting fixture of the ABB current LED offer specifically designed for use in potential gas and dust atmospheres, the XLF LED floodlight also complies with ATEX, IECEX, EAC, INMETRO and PCEC for Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. Its Offshore dedicated paint and internal corrosion protection is a must for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream applications.

Take a look at the complete XLF LED floodlight product specification download, then contact our expert, dedicated team and discover ABB’s unrivalled lighting solutions.

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