Busch radio-controlled dimmer ZigBee Light Link

This is how easy it is to create the right atmosphere with light

When it comes to light control and light scenes, ZigBee Light Link is the answer. Three different control elements are available for the flexible design of the applications, 1gang, 2gang and 4gang, either as control elements for the flush-mounted insert or battery-operated.

Dimming with ZigBee Light Link

Not only is the comfortable switching of lights possible with the ZigBee Light Link control elements but also dimming. In connection with the dimmer insert the control elements for flush-mounted inserts are turned into touch dimmers for LED lamps. And the multiple control elements also offer the option of storing additional states as light scenes. Tip: Favourite scenes can also be stored and easily called up with the battery-operated remote control with a press of a button.

Further information for comfortable remote control via ZigBee Light Link is contained in chapter Remote Control.

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