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Busch-Rotary dimmer

The modern classic

Comfortable light control in a trice. With the practical, classical rotary knob, which already tells you from a distance that here you can adjust the light.

The function is clearly evident, irrespective of the operator. Press the rotary knob and dim the light darker or brighter as required. Easy to integrate in existing two-way or intermediate switches.

The rotary knob of the classical rotary dimmer can be illuminated in a deactivated state, making it the ideal signpost in dark rooms.

Dimming function

  • Switching on / off by pushing the button
  • Dimming by turning the knob
  • Memory function - last brightness value retains when switched on / off

Main benefits

  • Easy control of the light brightness
  • Energy saving
  • Dimming of conventional incandescent or LED lamps possible
  • The rotary knob can be illuminated in a deactivated state, making the dimmer better visible in a dark room
  • Easy to integrate in existing two-way or intermediate switches

Main features

  • Minimum brightness: just a quarter turn to the left and a press of the button
  • Last brightness: press of the button
  • Maximum brightness: just a quarter turn to the right a press of the button

Extension unit operation

Up to five rotary control elements for the control specific lamps can be installed with the Busch-Dimmer® units. This works perfectly due to the practical rotary dimmer extension unit - and naturally, of course, also with existing two-way and intermediate switching circuits. And the best is: The operation of dimmers and extension units is completely identical. Also the comfortable memory function remains the same for each extension unit.


Retrofitting comfort

 It is possible to retrofit two-rocker conventional light switch with a dimmer without any structural changes. There are two options. When pressing the dimmer knob on a switch-dimmer, an additional load (max. 6 A) can be switched, such as a second lamp, for example. With 2gang dimmers one can control a lamp with each rocker half. A brief press: on and off. A long press: dimming.


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