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Busch-Touch dimmer

Light as desired with the press of a button

Touch-dimmers make life particularly easy and offer refined comfort. For example, when switching the light on again the brightness level selected last is automatically restored.

A brief press means switching, a long press means dimming. The light gets brighter or darker irrespective of where one touches the operating surface.

With each interruption the dimming direction is reversed. The dimmer switches on with the brightness set last (memory effect). Any number of buttons can be connected.

Future-oriented. Busch-Dimmer® units for LEDs

LED lamps are the most modern lamps. They redefine the use of light and use only a fifth of the energy of conventional lamps. However, it has been impossible to dim them until now. In cooperation with Philips - the market leader of LED lamps - Busch-Jaeger has developed high-quality dimmers that perfectly harmonize with these efficient light sources. The modern Philips retrofit LEDs produce the same results as the conventional incandescent lamps. The technology of the LED dimmers is based on transistors. They generate no humming noise and are therefore especially suited for use in hollow walls.


Retrofitting comfort

Standard light switches are easy to replace with Busch-Dimmer® units that can even be retrofitted with infrared/radio remote control.


Always in close proximity. Inside and outdoors

Lamps can be controlled from various locations. Be cause they are easily equipped with additional operating points. It saves unnecessary movement and increases comfort. Rotary dimmers make possible up to five practical extension units. This is ideal for rooms with many doors, because a rotary dimmer can be installed at each entrance. And almost any number of extension units can be set up with touch-dimmers.