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MDRC LED dimmer


Busch-Dimmer® units for LEDs. Always the perfect light. LED lamps are the most modern lamps. They redefine the use of light and use only a fifth of the energy of conventional lamps. However, it has been impossible to dim them until now. In cooperation with market-leading LED manufacturers, Busch-Jaeger has developed high-quality dimmers that perfectly harmonize with these efficient light sources. The modern retrofit LEDs produce the same results as the conventional incandescent lamps. The technology of the LED dimmers is based on transistors. They do not generate humming noises. The new MDRC LED dimmer makes comfortable dimming of retrofit LEDs possible. The MDRC device offers numerous special functions and impresses with its extremely compact construction (1 MW).

The MDRCs for dimmers are part of a modular technology that makes it possible to control and dim different rooms from the distribution box. Depending on requirement, the light from the distribution box can be controlled via a control element or in the room via an extension unit.
A central control in restaurants and hotels is practical, for example, since the lights can be switched on and off from a central location during operating periods.

There is almost nothing that the Busch-Dimmer® units do not offer, because their intelligent concept is unique.
Just one example: Prefabricated cables connect dimmers and power modules. And the different modules can be latched onto the central control unit without the need of a tool. Because the covering cap of the dimmer can be replaced with push-on modules. You can choose between a tapping control element, a rotary control element, and a timer control element. For convenient, central control. The decentralized button or rotary control elements can also be blocked with the use of the timer module.


Comfortable control of light for a wide range of lamps – ABB provides clarity and safety in the selection of dimmers

The innovative MDRC LED dimmer now makes comfortable dimming of so-called retrofit LEDs also possible from the electrical distribution. Aside from perfect light control of LED lamps, this device offers the end customer also the option of reliably activating conventional incandescent lamps, 230 V halogen lamps, as well as low-voltage halogen lamps with conventional inductive or electronic transformers. In this way Busch-Jaeger not only care for clarity and safety in the selection of dimmers, but also offer the customer the advantage of equipping existing lamps with new LED lamps (retrofit LEDs) without having to go without the current dimming comfort.

During the development of the new devices, the focus was on tuning dimmers and dimmers in such a way that they harmonize together perfectly and that regulating the brightness functions is as flicker-free and homogeneous as one is used to with previous incandescent lamp dimmers. This task the MDRC LED dimmer handles perfectly. The option of being able to adjust a minimum switch-on brightness that is tuned to the lamp, guarantees that the LED lamp will always safely switch on.

The dimming process is as harmonious and flicker-free as one is used to with conventional incandescent lamp dimmers. The brightness regulator is equipped with a transistor and operates in all positions totally silently and without any humming or buzzing noise. Also the maximum brightness can be set.

Product advantages

  • Reliable and comfortable dimming of LED lamps
  • Tuned to replacement lamps (retrofit LEDs)
  • Brightness regulator downward compatible – also suitable for conventional incandescent lamps, 230 V halogen lamps and low-voltage halogen lamps with conventional inductive and electronic transformers
  • Touch-dimmer with local operation
  • Adjustable minimum / maximum brightness
  • Staircase light function with automatic switch-off function and pre-warning function according to DIN 18015-2
  • Perfect function and comfortable operation
  • Harmonious and flicker-free dimming process
  • No humming or buzzing due to transistor technology
  • Numerous practical special functions
  • Extremely compact construction as MDRC device (1 MW)


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