Box covers are made of recycled plastic

Box covers are made from plastic packaging collected from households. Post-consumer waste is material discarded after someone uses it.

The collected plastic is processed locally from plastic waste to recycled plastic. The recycled plastic granulate is delivered to ABB’s Porvoo factory, where it is made into lids for installation boxes.


Environmentally friendly

To ensure sustainables in our box covers, we use color pigment as little as possible. This may cause the color to vary depending on the manufacturing batch.

Life cycle of box cover

1. Recycling begins at home

Plastic packing sorted by consumers. The recyclable plastic is sorted into a separate compartment in the truck.

2. Further processing

The collected plastic is transported for further processing and sorted by material grade.

3. Separation of plastic kind

The plastic is sorted by material.

4. Granulation

The separated plastic is washed, crushed, granulated, packaged and shipped to ABB.

5. The manufacturing process

Recycled plastic granulate is used to manufacture protective covers for the boxes.

6. Recycling continues

Plastic waste collected from construction sites continues to be recycled.

This equals to:

42 years of an average nordic person’s housing electricity.
More than three nordic person’s carbon footprint for 1 year.
45 years of an average nordic person’s heating energy.
16 years of an average nordic person’s driving habits.
57 years of an average nordic person’s air travel habits.


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