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Busch-Presence detectors conventional

Energy saving the easy way

Presence detectors automatically detect the presence of someone inside the room. Especially in offices and meeting rooms, only a minimal movement of a person is expected. Therefore, the detection needs to be accurate and precise.

The new Busch-Presence detector range received a new attractive design (similar to KNX Presence detectors). The products are available in two colours, studio white matt and aluminium silver. Remote control is possible via IR service or Smartphone APP (Bluetooth).

Product advantages and features

  • New attractive design
  • Remote control and setting via IR service or Smartphone App (Bluetooth). The App is available on Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Optimized for LED lamps
  • Comfortable automatic light control and on/off switching
  • Optimized detection is guaranteed thanks to four sensors and mirrors
  • Actuators are realised as relay, e-contact and DALI interface
  • Designed for ceiling mounting
  • Flat visible height of the products
  • Energy is used only when it is required which brings energy saving
  • Perfect for application in offices, commercial and residential buildings


Presence detector APP

The new generation of presence detectors with integrated Bluetooth interface can be remotely controlled and parameterised via a smartphone or tablet APP. For example the following functions are adjustable: 

1. Selection of the presence detector to be controlled, via the device list with field strength display and fast identification push button.

2. Direct switching and dimming of the connected load.

3. Energy monitor (rough overview of energy cost with / without presence detectors).

4. Sensitivity of sensors.

5. Test mode.

6. Activation of presence simulation (if you are not at home) / basic brightness and nightlight.

7. Set device (Bluetooth) name and device parameters.

8. Release specific functions to user.

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