Busch-Remote control IR remote control and wall-mounted transmitter

Managing everything from the sofa

As easily and conveniently as you can change the channels of your TV with a remote control, you can also control the various lights, blinds, and awnings in your living areas. At the press of a button, you can switch and dim the lighting and no longer have to operate switch after individual switch. In the process, the possibility to control your blinds in this manner is unique.

Remote dimming

With a Busch-Remote control IR control element, loads up to 420 W (with a capacity boost up to 735 WVA) can be comfortably dimmed remotely via a universal dimmer. At the same time, the dimmer allows the connection of 230 V incandescent and halogen lamps, as well as low-voltage halogen lamps with conventional or electronic transformers due to its intelligent control system. The memory function saves the value of the last set brightness.

Remote switching of high loads

Wherever high loads must be switched remotely, the Busch-Remote control IR control element on a Busch-Universal relay insert is used. With a switching capacity of 2,300 W/VA, even large systems have sufficient reserves.

Remote switching of lights with plugs

With the Busch-Remote control IR switch with adaptor plug, mobile consumers can be connected without extensive installation. Suitable for incandescent lamps, 230 V halogen lamps and low-voltage halogen lamps that are operated via transformers. Any consumers with a connected load of up to 2,300 W can be operated.

Remote control of fans

Lighting and fans are activated via the Busch-Universal 2-gang insert with the IR control element. The flush-mounted insert is operated via remote control and switches the lighting with the first output and the fan with the second output. After the lighting is switched off, the fan keeps running up to the programmed time.

Remote control

The Busch-Remote control IR is the nerve centre of the system. It lets you trigger all functions of the system as required. In practical terms this means that the installed Busch-Remote control IR receivers can be individually switched and dimmed. The memory function (Memo 1/Memo 2) allows special light situations to be stored and called up again at any time via the press of a button.


Wall-mounted transmitter

As the central control unit the IR wall-mounted transmitter is the ideal supplement for the remote control. Independent of the mains and attachable to any point in the room, including the window pane, it controls the memo function or individual consumers and makes sure the consumers are switched off safely (EVERYTHING OFF) when everyone leaves the room. Available in the colours of the alpha switch range.



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