ZigBee Light Link

This is how easy it is to create the right atmosphere with light.

When it comes to light control and light scenes, ZigBee Light Link is the answer. Three different control elements are available for the flexible design of the applications, 1gang, 2gang and 4gang, either as control elements for the flush-mounted insert or battery-operated. The flush-mounted inserts cover all applications of lighting control. If no load is to be controlled directly at the flush-mounted insert, the power adaptor is used, otherwise switching and dimming inserts are available.


ZigBee Light Link power supply insert
Art.-Nr. 6710 U-500

ZigBee Light Link universal relay insert
Art.-Nr. 6711 U-500

ZigBee Light Link LED-dimmer insert
Art.-Nr. 6715 U-500

Adaptor plug, ZigBee Light Link switch
Art.-Nr. 6717-84-500

ZigBee Light Link control element, 1gang
Art.-Nr. 6735-84

ZigBee Light Link control element, 2gang
Art.-Nr. 6736-84

ZigBee Light Link control element, 4gang
Art.-Nr. 6737-84

ZigBee Light Link wall-mounted transmitter (battery operated).

The battery control elements offer twice the flexibility. On the one hand, switch combinations can be quickly and easily extended without chiselling work by exchanging the cover frame. On the other hand, battery control elements are mounted precisely where they are needed, at the terrace door, for example.


ZigBee Light Link wall-mounted transmitter, 1-channel
Art.-Nr. 6735/01-84

ZigBee Light Link wall-mounted transmitter, 2-channel
Art.-Nr. 6736/01-84

ZigBee Light Link wall-mounted transmitter, 4-channel
Art.-Nr. 6737/01-84

Switch range.

This product is available in the following versions.

Radio control comfort for retrofitting.

Small cause - large effect: with the ZigBee Light Link the comfort of remote control is easily retrofitted. Clean and without a separate cable. The old switch is replaced with a switch combination that is glued on. And a separately mounted ZigBee Light Link flush-mounted insert or adaptor plug actuator is ready to be remote controlled from this position.

Any existing ZigBee Light Link lamps of other manufacturers can be activated directly without any additional devices.


Labelling Tool.

Precisely designating all products - with the practical labelling tool for your individual text. Easy and visually attractive for numerous products.


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