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Impressivo for surface mounting

Elegant retrofits, uniform electrification

Stylish and consistent electrification without compromises. Impressivo can be implemented to your entire site, both to new buildings or to renovated sites. Utilize your existing flush mountings and supplement your system using surface-mounted products.

The best choice for surface-mounted installation

Impressivo surface-mounted products have the best installation capacity on the market. The products have been developed together with electrical installers, paying special attention to the installation space and the ease of installation. As a part of the standard equipment the switches include x-terminals and the socket outlets include branching connectors.

Comprehensive product range

The range of surface-mounted products includes all central surface-mounted switches, socket outlets, surface-mounting boxes and accessories. The surface-mounting boxes can be used for the installation of antenna and RJ45 accessories, for example. All products are available in three Impressivo colors: white, aluminum, anthracite and black matt. All products are delivered fully assembled.

 Key properties

  • All electrical functions can be surface-mounted.
  • Electrification is coherent, also in renovation sites, when Impressivo surface-mounted products are used.
  • All products are available in Impressivo colors: white, aluminum, anthracite and black matt.

Detailed product information, measurement drawings, installation and operation instructions

More product details
Surface-mounted dimmer

To make room for higher inserts, such as dimmers, utilize an existing flush-mounted box: By removing the bottom of the surface-mounting box and installing it on top of the existing box, you can add available depth for the installation. Please note, that if the bottom of a surface-mounted box is removed or knock-out inlets are opened, the installation is no longer splash-proof.

Cabling a splash-proof installation

When making a splash-proof installation, cables can be led from any direction. Wires need to be led into the box from below and bent so that water is conducted outside the box.

Securing a splash-proof installation

When the rocker frame delivered with the rocker is replaced by a screw-mounted rocker frame, the switch and push button installation becomes splash-proof. Socket outlets can be made splash-proof by using a center plate with a lid.

Splash-proof installation using surface-mounted accessories

In addition to surface-mounted products, the Impressivo product range includes accessories with which flush-mounted accessories can be installed on the surface as individual products or in combinations. Additionally, switches, push buttons and socket outlets can be installed splash-proof following the instructions below.


  • If there is a flush mounting box behind the surface installation, the bottom of the surface installation box can be opened to increase the height of the box for higher devices, such as dimmers.Please note, that if the bottom of a surface-mounted box is removed or knock-out inlets are opened, the installation is no longer splash proof.
  • There are knock-outs for cables on all sides of the surface mounting frame.
  • Please note that the water-tightness of the center plate used determines the water-tightness of the installation. Only devices with an IP44 center plate available can be splash-proof.
  • When making a water-protected installation (IP44), the cable can be led from any direction through the surface mounting frame, but the wires will always have to be installed into the surface mounting box through the bottom and bent in a way that ensures all water is led out of the box.
  • Switches and push buttons can be upgraded to splash-proof IP44 by replacing the existing rocker frame with a screw-mounted rocker frame. Socket outlets become IP44 when a center plate with a hinged lid is installed.

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