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The beauty of seeing, touching, living.

Your house is your world and your world reflects you. If you are looking for timeless design and quality materials, Mylos is the best way to express yourself. Even in the smallest details, functionality marries with appeal and makes your house your home. Mylos: simple, modular, customisable, flexible, technologically and aesthetically advanced.

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Mylos finishes

Thermostats and chronothermostats
USB socket outlets

Main benefits

  • Slim and stylish design
  • LED technology creating a fade-in effect that fit harmoniously with the plate design
  • Velvet finish “soft-to-the-touch” on switches, an innovative characteristic offering a delicious sensory experience
  • Meets the need for a minimalist look: the “Pure White” finish adopts a perfect total look, complementing the perfection of a completely white wall by almost disappearing.
  • Ultracompact wall-mounted devices for easy wiring
  • Screwless pluggable devices for faster wiring

Main features

  • Two shapes: square and round
  • Four finishes: Crystal, Metal, Velvet and Lucent
  • The internal chrome frame around the switches can be matched to the color of the plate
  • The square plate has firm, minimalist lines, ideal for any environment. The round plate is more characterful and less technical, fitting in well with more particular environments
  • It is possible to request any color you like with the Velvet line thanks to the vast range of nuances available with the soft-touch effect velvet paint. Metal and Lucent series can also be given particularly brilliant colors, metallic or lacquered in hot or cold tones


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