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The highlight of modular series

Zenit is the most comprehensive modular range for all kind of homes and commercial facilities. A number of appreciated design and beautiful finishes that add value to the facility, with advanced features that provide greater comfort and performance level. With Zenit we can enjoy technical advances that make the installation easier and faster. You can make any type of installation only with Zenit. 

Main benefits

  • Zenit is born with a high-rise design. With rectilinear lines, very trendy finishes and full of details that enhance its aesthetics. It reaches the highest levels in quality and infinite values.
  • Simple, elegant and easy to fit in places of any style and color. Amazing finishes such as glass, wood, stainless steel, slate. Pure materials that provide more value and beauty to your decorations. Three Zamak frames complete the range in their Pearl White, Silk Black and Antique Steel finishes.
  • The frames for rectangular boxes with three and four modules are also available with all finishes.
  • Galvanized steel mounting plates with unique anti-corrosion treatment with top and bottom nerves for a rigid positioning of the mechanism and assurance of the durability of the installation.
  • The mounting plate is supplied separately from the frame in order to create the atmosphere you want.
  • The mechansims are designed so they can be removed from the front.

Main features

  • Zenit mechanisms are 16 A and they offer top quality with a reduced number of reference to stock.
  • More robust and compact mechanisms to be inserted from the front.
  • Designed to hold the switches firmly avoiding balancing problems.
  • Reduced depth, only 21 m, which allows more connection space for wires.
  • Designed with larger and smoother press clamps to make the automatic connection more comfortable and safer.
  • The rocker cover can be easily removed to replace the lamp from the front end.
  • Contact with automatic connection terminal of easy installation providing up to 40% savings in installation time.
  • Manufactured with high quality and recycable material.

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Zenit finishes

Stainless steel frame - anthracite switches
White glass frame - white switches
Slate frame - silver switches
Black glass frame - silver switches
Wenge frame - silver switches
Pearl white frame - white switches
Silk black frame - silver switches
Antique steel frame - anthracite switches

Zenit functionalities

KNX sensors
KNX room thermostat with display
Rotary dimmer
Switch for blinds
Movement detector
Card switch
Sound system control unit
Sound system USB & Bluetooth module
Signalling system


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