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Advanced enclosure with endless possibilities

When ordering a Quick-Guard fencing system, you give us a simple sketch or AutoCAD® file of how you want the fencing system to look. We put this information into our AutoCAD-based software SafeCAD and design the fence in 3D. From this drawing, cutting, component lists and a quotation are generated automatically.

Main benefits

  • Highly adaptable to various needs
  • Fast installation
  • Light weight
  • Esthetically appealing
  • Minimal maintenance needs
  • Complete system

Main features

  • Light and robust aluminum profiles
  • Large variety of materials for panels
  • Cut to size according to drawing
  • No drilling, no welding
  • Pre-mounted accessories

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SafeCAD is a plug-in program for AutoCAD that enables you to quickly and easily customize safety solutions with our fencing system Quick-Guard.

A simple sketch of the guarding system is used as the program input. The positions of doors and hatches, choice of mesh, polycarbonate, aluminum/steel sheet or noise reduction panels are typed in. The program automatically generates 3D drawings along with component and cutting lists. These drawings are also used as the basis for assembly/installation.

Please note that you need AutoCAD to be able to run SafeCAD. You also need a license key for SafeCAD® (free of charge) to unlock and activate the program. The license key is obtained separately by contacting you local sales representative.

SafeCAD 6 AutoCAD 2018 (64-bit)
SafeCAD 6 AutoCAD 2017 (64-bit)
SafeCAD 6 AutoCAD 2015-2016 (64-bit)
SafeCAD 6 AutoCAD 2015-2016 (32-bit)
SafeCAD 6 AutoCAD 2013-2014 (64-bit)
SafeCAD 6 AutoCAD 2013-2014 (32-bit)
SafeCAD 6 AutoCAD 2012 (64-bit)
SafeCAD 6 AutoCAD 2012 (32-bit)


CAD drawings

3D CAD drawings for safety products (in various CAD-formats):
Safety Products at Cadenas
Safety Products at Solid Components