Three-position devices

Ergonomic and tailor made

Three-position devices (or hold-to-run devices) can be used for troubleshooting, programming and test running in situations where no other protection is available or feasible. With a three-position device the operator can either press harder in an emergency or release the device to stop the machine.
ABB offers two models of three-position devices.


JSHD4 is an ergonomic and adaptable three-position device.

It has several optional features such as connection type, LEDs, number of extra buttons and anti-tamper function. The features can be combined in multiple ways, resulting in a wide range of JSHD4 models.


HD5 is an ergonomic three-position device of a few models; mainly with all extra features or without any extra features.

It is specifically developed to meet the demands of Food and Beverage applications, with features like chemical resistant, fiberglass reinforced plastic, anti-condensation membrane, IP65 and plastic that is approved for contact with foodstuff.


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