ABB Ability™ Energy Manager

What is ABB Ability™ Energy Manager?

  • It is an energy management tool for small to large size sites, including segment specific features (Building, Datacenters,…)

  • it is a cloud-based or on-premise platform and ready-to-use solution

  • It is a cost efficient solution with add-on and premium services (including upgrade to ABB AbilityTM Energy and Asset Manager)

Walk the steps towards a sustainable energy management


Analyze bill data and building information to benchmark and virtually disaggregate energy costs to identify hidden energy drains and eliminate wastage


Leveraging on device connectivity, visualize real time and historical energy data of assets for facility audit


Create output report based on historical asset data to analyze KPI and advise saving actions aligned with benchmark target


Define and visualize asset setpoint scheduling to optimize a target KPI


Change asset setpoint for energy efficiency or service continuity strategies

Where you can use ABB Ability™ Energy Manager


ABB’s digital solution comprehensively monitors energy consumption of each installation. Combining ABB Ability™ Energy Manager with ABB’s circuit monitoring system means you can track all your consumption, right down to the building’s lighting.

Public facilities

ABB provides a reliable and energy-efficient power distribution solution to safeguard the distribution of power and ensure uptime. The readily adaptable and innovative solution takes full advantage of ABB’s sensor technology to maximize uptime and bring considerable energy savings.

Commercial buildings

The ABB solution provides managers and service teams with real time data on energy, power, temperature, current, voltage, harmonic and power quality plus backup safety protections.

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