ABB launches world’s first softstarter with pump cleaning to increase application productivity

Seizing the full potential of motor optimization with ABB´s PSTX softstarters

Hanover, April 13, 2015 – ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, launched the new range of PSTX softstarters, the latest development of motor controlling and protection. The PSTX offers the entire scope of motor protection in only one device while increasing 100% application productivity. ¨There are approximately 3 billion motors installed worldwide wherease 90% of the installed motors are running full speed and can benefit from using softstarters as a starting method. Imagine the benefit of ABB´s PSTX softstarter helping these motors run more reliable, efficiently and with higher productivity,¨ said Tarak Mehta, head of ABB’s global Low Voltage Products Division. PSTX is securing motor reliability The PSTX offers complete motor control and protection and is able to handle and protect against both load and network irregularities while enabling 60% lower starting current, which increases motor life time. Motor heating can help when using the motor in cold or humid environments. The PSTX can give energy to the motor to warm it up without making it rotate. This prevents the motor from freezing in cold climates or to get condensation in humid environments. Improving installation efficiency by up to 20% On the PSTX, the bypass is built in, saving time during installation and space in the panel. The bypass itself saves energy while reducing the softstarter’s heat generation. The PSTX comes with a unique detachable keypad that makes it very easy to build safe panels where the operator can monitor or change settings without opening the panel door, hence making any setup and operation easy. Increasing application productivity With PSTX you can increase the lifetime of pumps by up to 100%. One of many features in the PSTX is the torque control: the most efficient way to start and stop pumps. The pump cleaning feature can reverse pump flow and clean out pipes, securing uptime of any pump system. ABB offers three different ranges of softstarters suiting different needs.

  • PSR for small motors that need many starts per hour
  • PSE for small and medium sized motors
  • PSTX for medium sized and large motors as the most complete alternative
specifications the optimal softstarter is selected. Find out more on

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