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Aspro TIS

Creating a cleaner tomorrow (China)


The Customer

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a clean-burning fossil fuel substitute for conventional fuels like petrol or diesel, fit for a 21st century’s green approach. Widely considered a more environmentally-friendly alternative, it is also much safer in the events of a spill. Aspro TIS (Beijing) Co. Ltd. manufactures high-tech CNG compression systems that turn the natural gas, drawn mainly from underground wells, into a compressed gas, energy-dense enough to provide adequate driving range for busses, trucks or cars. Compressing the gas to a state in which it can be stored (one percent of its standard volume), powerful compressors are needed. When high starting currents caused stand-stills for Aspro TIS, they contacted ABB for a solution. 

The Challenge

The initial startup of a compressor is the most energy-demanding part of the compressing phase. The starting current can be many times higher than the operational current. These high currents have been troublesome for Aspro TIS before, leaving the softstarter, and thus the compressor, non-operational. Another problem is the temperature inside the dense cabinets. The equipment has to be de-rated to handle the temperatures and to ensure consistency and reliability. These stoppages and the de-rating made Aspro TIS eager to try a new approach. They contacted ABB for consultancy.

The ABB Solution

When Aspro TIS experienced problems with high starting currents and sudden-stopping softstarters, they decided to switch to ABB softstarter technology. The benefits were immediate. With a much lower de-rating factor than competitor technology, ABB’s softstarters keep performing even through higher temperatures meaning little energy wasted. The starting currents were also significantly lowered which minimized strain on transformers and compressors. By switching to ABB’s softstarters Aspro TIS has increased its equipments reliability, safety and service-life. But all benefits were not product-bound. Aspro TIS has had great experience from ABB’s after-sales service, ready to answer to any question.
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Aspro TIS
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