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Keeping afloat (Colombia)

Founded in 1986, Columbian manufacturer of floating pump systems, ETEC, is among the leaders in its field. With nearly 300 employees, ETECs drive is innovation and new technologies. To manage its 60’’ floating pumps, used to circulate water in a large-size aquaculture project, ETEC requested reliability and an easy-to-use solution. ABB answered.

The challenge

One of the world’s widest and fastest growing markets requiring water movement is aquaculture: farming of fish, aquatic plants and crustaceans. The farms require water recirculation varying from 2% to 25% depending on their size. For ETECs most recent project it had to produce a total flow of 152 cubic meters per second divided into three pump stations. The remote project location along with the need for constant uptime proved a challenge for ETEC. Even a minor stoppage could cause major consequences for the farm and support has not been quick to answer in the past.

The ABB solution

ABB’s comprehensive motor-starting offer ranges from simple Direct On-Line solutions to our variable speed drives. A softstarter is the perfect choice for pump applications where it helps reduce the effects of water hammering and high starting currents, ensuring a long lifetime of both motor and surrounding equipment. The built-in bypass helps reduce energy consumption during operation. By choosing ABB’s softstarters, ETEC not only experienced an increased lifetime of their equipment. They also gained access to a wide network of engineering expertise, eager to answer to ETEC’s smallest request. Service and support is more accessible says ETEC, which estimates a saving of approximately $80,000 thanks to reduced needs for service and maintenance. Together with ABB, ETEC can stay afloat.