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Reducing start-up current by 60% while maintaining speed


ABB's softstarters are able to lower start-up currents without losing speed, which means less stress on motor and compressors.

The customer

Rhoss is an Italian specialist in air conditioning and air handling products and systems. For over 40 years, it has been synonymous with quality, innovation and top level service. In a recent project, where high inrush currents caused problems to the scroll compressors used to compress air, Rhoss contacted ABB for a more sustainable motor starting solution. 

The challenge

Many HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) projects use scroll compressors which require short start-up times. Lowering starting currents proved to be a challenge for Rhoss as well as high temperatures and small spaces. Rhoss had experienced all of the above in previous projects and sought a solution. They needed just one single product that could handle all these challenges. ABB had an answer.

The ABB solution

Rhoss implemented ABB’s softstarters in its starting equipment and soon experienced the many benefits. An integrated bypass meant the starting solution took up less space which also meant Rhoss could spend more of the space on controlling the high temperatures. The biggest benefit of all though is that the softstarter reduced the inrush currents of the scroll compressors by 60 percent while maintaining the short starting time required by the application. The lowered starting currents mean less stress is put both on motor and compressor, reducing the need of maintenance and repairs.