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Keeping its cool (Russia)

The customer

Rostov-on-Don city in Russia is experiencing a transformation into a Southern industrial hub. Rospromavtomatika, a panel builder, operates in this area and has to try to keep pace with expansions in the industrial sector. In a recent project, targeting the metallurgical industry, Rospromavtomatika needed to supply a reliable starting solution for a recycling system. High temperatures, dust and moist are common problems in these type of environments. 

The challenge

A main requirement when working with extreme temperatures is of course reliability. The customer to Rospromavtomatika had experienced problems with water hammering before and $5000 was spent on repairs and service work each year. Other problems included dust, moist and irregularities in the network. Frequent accelerations and decelerations of motors in the metallurgical plant also asked too much of the conventional motor starting solutions used.  Big motors were being started and stopped roughly which caused further stress on the equipment. Rospromavtomatika simply needed a motor starting solution that could handle this type of extreme environment and contacted ABB. 

The ABB solution

When Rospromavtomatika contacted ABB, they were soon introduced to the concept of soft starting and is yet to look back. ABB’s softstarters feature torque control: the most efficient way to start and stop pumps. Water hammering was no longer an issue and Rospromavtomatika says the total profit is about $10,000 every month. But there is more. ABB’s softstarters also lowers starting currents, putting less stress on the network. They have coated circuit boards, meaning dust and moist cannot damage the softstarter. They are also perfect for heavy-duty loads like the ones in the metallurgical plant. ABB’s softstarters were simply the perfect match. 

"Rospromavtomatika says the total profit is about $10,000 every month"