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Tianjin Qihaixin integrates efficiency in heavy - duty crushers

ABB's soft starters are able to reduce both panel costs and space by impressive 20 %!

The customer

China based Tianjin Qihaixin Electric Company is a system integrator targeting the water and cement segments. For a recent project, Tianjin Qihaixin delivered equipment for a cement project in the Yunnan province of China. Crushers, roots blowers and conveyor belts combined together and the total product capacity came up to over 5 tons per day. It was crucial that the machines had sufficient motor control equipment. In order to secure consistent performance and reliability in its equipment, Tianjin Qihaixin consulted ABB. 

The challenge

When starting a crusher, root blower or conveyor belt – all considered heavy loads – the starting phase of the equipment is the most crucial part. Tianjin Qihaixin had experienced problems starting the equipment before, requiring them to invest in separate up-scaled equipment just to deal with the heavy loads. Furthermore, as Tianjin Qihaixin used conventional soft starters, external bypass contactors and thermal overload relays had to be used.

 The ABB solution

20 % smaller panelsBy switching to ABB’s soft starters, benefits were clear and immediate. Featuring built-in bypass contactors and thermal overload relays, Tianjin Qihaixin can reduce its equipment size – saving them both time in installation and money from having fewer products to order and administrate. Furthermore, ABB’s soft starters can be selected to handle heavy-loads, meaning Tianjin Qihaixin could choose the same equipment regardless of the loads’ characteristics. As a direct result from choosing the ABB soft starters, Tianjin Qihaixin estimates reducing both panel costs and space by 20 percent.