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Wuxi Xinle

Wuxi Xinle improves installation efficiency


The Customer

Wuxi Xinle Electric Co. Ltd. is an Chinese OEM manufacturing automation control equipment for the food processing industry. With 150 employees, focus lies on providing high-performing, modern and intuitive solutions. When Wuxi Xinle needed to provide a flour production line with automation equipment, they contacted ABB in an attempt to become more competitive. 

The Challenge

When producing equipment used in wine production, milling, warehouses, food and grease facilities, the main challenges are reliability and installation space. For a recent project, where Wuxi Xinle had to deliver equipment to a flour production line, these issues first had to be resolved. The production line included conveyor belts, fans and grinding machines. Earlier projects used Direct On-Line solutions, which did not meet the requirements regarding space or reliability. A tough application like a conveyor belt or grinding machine can be damaged with the short starting times that a Direct On-Line solution offers. Furthermore, the solutions required investments in external equipment which also led to extensive cabling in the end. Wuxi Xinle contacted ABB for a solution. 

The ABB Solution

Wuxi Xinle implemented ABB’s softstarters in its automation equipment in order to meet requirements of the flour production project. The softstarters are compact, has built-in functionality that is otherwise external and are perfect for heavy loads like the conveyor belt and grinding machine. The softstarters ensure a smooth start and stop of the machinery while also relieving Wuxi Xinle of some of the work during installation and setup.
Wuxi Xinle themselves says the reasons to choosing ABB’s softstarters were many, but mainly that they were compact and simple to install and get running. 

"The company estimates saving nearly $50,000 a year and is at the same time enjoying more recognition from its own customers."