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XYLEM - South Africa

Improving efficiency for the mining industry

The customer

Xylem is a company that specializes in water solutions for the global water segment. However, one branch in South Africa sells a majority of its production to the mining industry as the equipment is built to pump water out of mines to prevent them from being flooded. Xylem’s solutions are used in many different parts of the mines and Xylem is always looking for simple and robust equipment to implement into their panels

The challenge

Xylem has previously used old soft starter models in its panels which also demanded installation of many extra protection components such as restart timers, earth fault protection and extra relays, to mention a few. The use of older technology along with extra components did the job of pumping the
water out of the customer’s mines. This made Xylem see that there was a huge potential in making its starting solution more efficient. To do this Xylem needed efficient and reliable equipment that could meet the rough and humid conditions in mines 3.500 meters below sea level. To find answers on how to solve this situation Xylem turned to ABB and ABB was happy to answer the call.

The ABB solution

ABB’s solution was the PSTX softstarter. It is the latest and the most advanced softstarter from ABB. With the PSTX, Xylem experienced many benefits of the values that ABB’s softstarters have to offer. Since the PSTX range has many protections built-in, Xylem has reduced the amount of extra
components in its panels with as much as 80 percent. With this improvement of the installation efficiency, Xylem can now build a panel in about 1/3 of the time it took with the old softstarter model. Added to this, the panel size was reduced with roughly half of the original size. With all this taken into account and the fact that the PSTX delivers more functionalities than previous softstarters, Xylem now
estimates that it has cut cost of its panels with 50 percent. As a result Xylem is selling twice as many panels with softstarters as before. The feedback from Xylem’s customers has been very positive as they claim that the improved panels also increase the life time of their pumps. ABB is thrilled to have helped creating this opportunity for Xylem.