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Yuntai Guhe
Efficiently stopping pumps (China)

The Customer

The pumping industry in China is booming in parallel with its country’s rapid expansion rate. The industry experienced annual growths of over 20 percent during the mid 2000’s. Infrastructure, industries, transport and big projects are driving the business and Yantai Guhe plays its part by providing pump control panels to one of China’s leading pump manufacturers. When asking for a reliable starting solution, specifically designed for pump control, to go with their panels, Yantai chose ABB’s softstarters. The result? Yantai estimates saving nearly $32,000 annually in reduced maintenance and downtime costs. 

The Challenge

A common problem when stopping pumps is water hammering. A water hammer is a pressure surge. When you close the outlet of a water pipe, the mass of the water is still moving, thus creating pressure. This pressure can potentially get so high that it bursts pipes or bearings. Yantai used conventional starting methods that lacked the potential to compensate for the effect and experienced mechanical wear to their equipment as a direct result. To increase reliability of its pump control panels, Yantai Guhe contacted ABB.

The ABB Solution

Featuring torque control, the single most effective way to deal with water hammering inside pump systems, ABB’s softstarter solutions proved the perfect matches for Yuntai and its pump control panels. Since the switch, Yuntai Guhe has experienced a 20 percent reduction in downtime and a 40 percent reduction in maintenance costs while the overall annual savings are estimated at nearly $32,000. 

Yuntai Guhe's overall annual savings are estimated at nearly $32,000. 
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Yuntai Guhe
Saving $32,000 annually.

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