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OTDC 800...1600 A

Switches for high-powered photovoltaic applications

With the extension of the OTDC range to high currents of up to 1600 A, 1000 VDC, IEC and 1000 A, 1000 VDC, UL98B, ABB now meets the needs and demands of high-power inverters and recombiners.

High-powered applications
Large inverters require high-performing DC disconnection devices to reliably isolate the system from the DC side. The big OTDC extends ABB’s dedicated DC switch offering up to 1600 Amperes, providing a robust switching solution for the largest PV applications. The photovoltaic installations are designed to have a long life span.

Reliable practical performance is critical, and optimizing the critical current performance ensures reliable operation, quality and performance across all possible current levels. This results in dependable, seamless 1000 V breaking all the way from zero to 1600 A throughout the long life of the photovoltaic plant.

Next level safety
In photovoltaic applications with high voltage levels, prolonged arcing may pose a very real fire hazard when switching the relatively low critical currents. For OTDC, all the critical currents have been carefully charted and eliminated and the operation has been verified. The practical safety of personnel and equipment is taken to the next level.

Tools and Support (OTDC 800...1600 A)

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