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OT160G switch-disconnectors

Savings through simple and smart design

Whenever and wherever a switch-disconnector is needed, the OT160G by ABB provides reliable and economical performance. It is a high-quality basic switch-disconnector designed to deliver tangible benefits in all AC applications. It is a device that gives you a competitive edge, all packaged into one smart and compact package. The OT160G is ushering in the new generation of small switches.

Universal       Universal application
       The OT160G is a multi-purpose switch-disconnector that is particularly well       
       suited for use in power distribution and in various building sector applications.
       However, thanks to its power reserves, it is suited for use in practically any
                        application, in just about any industrial segment you can think of.

Expance       Reduced stock expenses
       Save up to 20% in stock expenses thanks to the wide coverage of the simple
       and effective switch-disconnector with an integrated side-operation feature.
       Less product types are required when one simple device delivers performance
                        to a wide range of applications.

Installation       Easy to use and install
       Simplicity and ease in installation and use translate into direct savings for you.
       The smart design of the OT160G guarantees cost savings by reducing time spent
       on installation, set-up and usage. Its compact dimensions mean that it can be
                        easily installed virtually anywhere. 

Compact       Compact and powerful design
In comparison to leading products on the market today, using a small but powerful
       frame can achieve savings of up to 20%. Compared to its typical competitors, the
       OT160G delivers considerably higher horse-power ratings across the board, including
                        to 100% higher ratings in both 690 V motor use and North-American 600 V systems.                     

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