Power distribution to critical loads

ABB MNS RPP comprises SMISSLINE TP as distribution chassis to provide IPXXB protection for the branch MCB and facilitate ‘hot swap’ of the branch circuits.

The branch circuit management (BCM) module measures the branch RMS currents & voltage. Based on these measurements it calculates the power quality parameters like power, energy, load, pf, MD, THD etc.

The BCM generates warnings / alarms for different power quality parameters based on thresholds configured by the user. A single BCM module can monitor 4x42 (168) SP branch circuits.  Additional modules are available to monitor the main incomer, sub-incomers as well.                                                                 

Main benefits

  • Unmatched safety for protection of personnel and plant
  • Hot swappable branch circuits
  • Flexible & scalable solution - build as you grow
  • Optimum power usage
  • Simple, cost-effective operation and maintenance
  • Safety in a compact footprint

Main features 

  • Available in ratings of 250Amps or 400Amps to cater to high density facilities.
  • Up to 168 SP branch circuits can be monitored by a single system
  • Communication options of MODBUS or TCPIP. Options available to communicate with any other communication protocol using standard protocol converter.
  • Simple configuration through user friendly software
  • High resolution graphic display with 320x240 resolution capable of monitoring & storing data from 16 local or remote circuit management modules.

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