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Insulation monitoring device for 230 V AC IT-M circuits

ISOLTESTER-DIG is an insulation monitoring device specifically designed for group 2 medical locations fully compliant with the IEC 60364-7-710 reference standard for medical locations. It integrates all the performances established by the reference standard, together with measurement of the insulation to earth in IT-M networks and the thermal and electrical overloads of the insulation transformer.


Main benefits:

  • Complete: all electrical and thermal parameters controlled by a single device
  • Flexible: adjustable tripping thresholds according to all the parameters monitored
  • Practical: easy programming and intervention threshold setting is guaranteed through a frontal LCD display and four selection keys
  • Connected: ability to interact with supervising systems through ModbusRTU protocol via RS485 serial port (RS and PLUS versions)
  • Conformity: compliant with compliant with EN 61557-1, EN 61557-8 and IEC 60364-7-710

Main features:
  • Integration: ideal in combination with QSD-DIG 230/24 (remote signaling panels) allowing alarms to be sent up to 4 medical locations attended by medical staff
  • Effective measurement: granted, even in case of interferences, thanks to a digital filter integrated into the devices (PLUS version only: network noise immunization via composite codified signal)
  • Safety: thermal overload monitoring of insulating transformer can be performed by managing two temperature thresholds coming from both PTC and PT100 probes
  • Self-testing system: periodic checks of the correct functioning to prevent the possibility to operate in group 2 medical locations when the insulation monitoring device is disconnected
  • Effective visualization:  minimum and maximum measured values for main electrical parameters is allowed for both RS and PLUS versions


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