Latching and Installation Relays

Save space and energy

The E290/E297 range of Latching and Installation Relays is specifically designed to give maximum performances in lighting control in residential, commercial and industrial applications. To avoid expensive wiring our range enables to control and to switch the lights from more than two points. 

Moreover, the E290/297 range is very easy to assemble: A visual indication of the contacts’ position is located over the handle position and with the front handle you can give a manual command locally. Thanks to the flexibility of combining the devices directly on the field, there are less order codes to manage.

Main benefits:

  • Save space and energy
  • Reliability: Long lifetime endurance
  • Noiseless switching and low consumption coils for maximum comfort
  • Long lifetime endurance 

Main features: 

  •  Reduced installation time: Products are delivered with open terminals and are easy to assemble 
  • Simple solution: connection diagrams coherent with the number written on the terminal and printing is always in the same place of the modular components
  • Easy operation: The handle indicates the status of the contact and it’s possible to manually manage contacts and test of functionality
  • High number of lamps can be switched 

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